Lab Facilities

Our labs are located in the Stephenson Research and Technology Center (SRTC) at the University of Oklahoma's Research Campus. Our workspaces comprise dedicated labs for Microbial cultivation, Genomics and Molecular Biology, and Ancient DNA, along with a shared office space providing a collaborative environment for our students and staff.

The Cultivation facility has standard equipment for microbial isolation and manipulation including a Biosafety cabinet, COY Anaerobic chamber, Chemostat, Spectrophotometer, Centrifuges, Phase-contrast microscope, and Incubators. The SRTC houses shared autoclaves and drying ovens for glassware and media sterilization.

The Genomics and Molecular biology labs have all the essential equipment for high-throughput molecular characterization of samples including a 96-well liquid handling robot (epMotion) for DNA/RNA extraction, Sonicator and FragmentAnalyzer for NGS-library preparation, PippenPrep for library size-selection, and an array of thermocyclers including gradient cyclers, digital- and real-time PCR instruments.

All chemistry is performed in dedicated HEPA-filtered workstations, with separate biosafety workstations for processing low- and high-biomass samples. Pre- and Post-PCR workflows are performed in separate rooms to minimize cross-contamination. Next-generation sequencing is performed either in-house (Illumina MiSeq) or through the OMRF sequencing core (Illumina HiSeq/NextSeq).

Lab Philosophy

We strongly advocate the open exchange of ideas and aim to provide a collaborative research environment. Lab members are expected to be cordial, and supportive of each other, while engaging in thoughtful and critical scholarship. Working in a multi-disciplinary environment provides exposure to a diverse array of scientific thoughts and approaches, while also serving as training for effective communication of scientific ideas. 

As the PI, my role is to provide scientific oversight and mentorship for lab members (both project-specific and broader career-oriented), along with obtaining funding for the various fun projects pursued in the group. I will also serve as a mediator for any intra-laboratory personnel issues. Harrasment or discriminative behaviour will not be tolerated (see OU's Non Discrimination Policy for more details), and members are requested to report any incidences to me.